Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are one of our premier products built. Engineered to excel, the creations of perecision are desinged with 6mm thick epoxy polyester resin lined with FRP Bishphenyl 'A' fume rate resin reinforced with 18swg Electro-Galvanized Sheet to accommodate large and complex apparatus set up. The Fume cupboards have single, automatic Vertical, sliding, concealed type, acrylic glass door balanced with counter weights, sash weights, wire rope etc.

Fume Hood Bffles

A stables, no-adjustable, removable bafle system with three fixed horizontal slots aids in distributing the flow of air into and throught the hood. The baffle is spaced out 2-1/4" from the back

Fume Hood Duct

To ensure durability, the Fume Hood Duct is constructed with 200m dia 4mm thick rigid pipe of height 10' with suitable rain hood.

Bottom Arrangement

3 feet height table made out of 18 SWG Electro-Galvanized Sheet with top drawer, dummy drawer and bottom cupboard. Bottom cupboard has one inner horiontal partition. All drawers and cupboards have suitable locking arrangements and internally coated

Hood Work Surface

Black Granite of 20 mm thickness


Fume Hood Electrical Service

Two 15/5 Amps 3 pin Socket cum control switch, one bush type starter, indicator lamp fixed on the front fascia, one 4 feet tube light for lighting work area.


Separate valves for Air, Vaccum, Nitrogen and Dampers provided.

Vertical Storage Chambers

Ergonomically designed vertical storage chambers are constructed with 18 SWG Electro-Galvanized sheet. Standard size is 900*750*1800(L*W*Hin mm), has 6 Horizontal and 3 Vertical partitions. Wheels provided for smooth operations. Available in standard and Customized colour combinations.

Instrument Tables

These consist of 2 modular with top drawer and bottom cupboard on side and 4 continuous drawers on the other. Comfortable knee space at center and bottom drawer comes with one inner adjustable horizontal partition and high quality locking system. Telescopic channels for smooth and noise free movement drawers and a 15/5 Amps 3 pin electrical socket are standard fittings.

Island Tables

Our largest selling product with high tensile strength. Designed to withstand a load of 500 kg per 300 square cms. Created using 18 SWG Electro. Galvanized sheet with square structure of 40*40 mm. Continuously modular, Island Tables with top drawer and bottom cupboard of removable and accessible type on both sides with knee space ensure maximum working and strongae space.

Inbuilt Features

One Reagent Rack of standard size 900*300*750 (L*W*H in mm),m made out of 2 tier steel partition with tray. Two 15/5 Amps 3 pin electrical socket. Porcelain Sink (18"*12")with 3 way water tap.

Sink Units

standard Specifications are 1500*900*900 (L*W*H in mm) the sink unit doubles up as a work station and a wash basin. The Modulare table with black granite slab has top drawer top dummy drawer and bottom cupboard with one inner adjustable horizontal partition for storage. The porcelain sink with drain board, 3 way water tap and peg board completes the sink unit.

Library Cupboards

The most essential ingrdeient in a bal, the library cupboard is desinged to accommodate the essential glass apparatus, books and more. The standard specification is 900*400*1950 (L*W*H in mm) comes with 4 horizontal partitions with putt up glass doors with quality locking system.

Colour Scheme

We customize colour combinations. However the standard colour code we follow is industrial lvory and Orchid Blue.